Shape your life and work around what matters most 


Through leading-edge one-on-one coaching, I guide creatives, artists and innovators to more skillfully navigate the places where their values, strengths and desires meet the realities of work, life and creativity.

I support them to move beyond the stories that hold them back from creating what they're most longing for, expand their perspectives and develop the practical capacities to operate in their personal and professional lives in ways that are more nourishing, effective and sustainable over time.

If you’re wrestling with reigniting your creativity, finding your next creative direction, directing yourself in the service of your creative dreams, or building lasting confidence in yourself and your work, I'm here to help.




Rebecca Merrifield



Based in The Lace Market in Nottingham's Creative Quarter, Rebecca founded We Were Curious as a place for curious makers, doers and thinkers to explore and challenge their perspectives, get back to what matters and forge their path forwards with courage and creativity.




Born in Derby in '82. Ex-Marketing Manager for a luxury menswear brand. National Trust lover and countryside explorer. Introvert. Aunty Bec to two perfect munchkins. Two stints living in Mexico in the last three years. Love a good plan. Certified Integral Master Coach™. Enneagram type 5 (with a strong 4 wing). INFJ. Created a line of cosmetics and opened a boutique at 22. Degrees in Economics and Historic Building Conservation (aka building porn). Love reading, writing, designing, and mind exploring. Curious. Contrary. Partial to mischief (and wine).