'Perhaps the most valuable thing that we can learn in life is how to develop the kind of inner structure that is both sturdy and flexible, solid and adaptable, hardy and responsive, so that we can be with the uncertainty of our path.’

Chani Nicholas



Through developmental coaching, I guide thoughtful creatives to navigate the places where our values, dreams, fears and doubts meet the everyday realities and practicalities of work and life.

I support them to move beyond stories that hold them back from creating the things that matter, and develop perspectives, capacities and ways of operating that are more supportive, effective and sustainable, and that make more space for the messiness of being a human in the world today.

If you’re wrestling with any combination of reigniting your creative spark, directing yourself in the service of your creative dreams, building supportive routines, or a deeper confidence in yourself and your work, I'm here to help.



FOUNDED BY coach + writer

Rebecca Merrifield


Based in The Lace Market in Nottingham's Creative Quarter, I created We Were Curious as a place for curious makers, doers and thinkers to explore and challenge their perspectives, get back to what matters and forge their path forwards with courage and creativity.




Born in the suburbs of Derby in 1982. Aunty Bec to two perfect munchkins. Lover of old buildings (aka building porn) and the countryside. Enneagram type 5 (with a strong 4 wing) and INFJ. Ex-Marketing Manager for a menswear brand. Attempting to write historical fiction. Created a cosmetics brand in my twenties. Ravenclaw. Curious. Contrary. Partial to mischief (and wine).