Rewriting our stories and walking new paths

Through cutting-edge coaching, I work with curious creatives to identify and own the stories about themselves and the world that hold them back, explore new stories that support what they're longing for in their work and lives, and build the practical capacities that lead to meeting their creative, personal and professional goals in ways that are more fulfilling, effective and sustainable over time.

I believe that the process of exploring and owning our stories can carry us through the inevitable ups and downs of finding and following our own creative path, and when combined with decisive action, lead us to better ideas, healthier habits, work that is more impactful, and lives that are more meaningful.




Rebecca Merrifield




Based in The Lace Market in Nottingham's Creative Quarter, Rebecca founded We Were Curious as a place for curious makers, doers and thinkers to challenge their perspectives, get back to what matters and forge their path forwards with more courage and creativity.



important facts

Born in Derby in '82. Studied Economics and Historic Building Conservation. Ex-Marketing Manager for a global fashion brand. National Trust fanatic. Introvert. Lived in Mexico for 6 months and really missed beans on toast. Love a good plan. Certified Integral Master Coach™. Enneagram type 5 (with a strong 4 wing). Created a line of cosmetics at 22 with no idea what I was doing.  Love reading, writing, designing and mind exploring. Curious. Contrary. Partial to mischief (and wine).