A bespoke roadmap for your next CHAPTER

Get unstuck with a map to move forwards from right where you stand



When trying to get somewhere new in our life or work, we tend to focus on what we think we need to do to get there.

It's a strategy that can create some exciting new results. But what this approach to change can also do is keep us attuned to where we're not, leading to habits of thinking and responding that keep us in a loop of disconnection from ourselves and what matters most.

Instead, I believe that it's our relationship to who we are being now that is foundational to creating meaningful, sustainable progress and a healthy, thriving creative life. And when we start to build what we do from greater attunement to the truth of where we already are and what we already have, that's where the magic happens.


So let's start right there.


Eyes Wide Open is two-sessions of one-on-one support to bring direction and clarity to an area of your work or life in which you've been feeling lost, frustrated or unfulfilled.


"You helped me put words to something I was unable to articulate for myself.
It was such a relief to feel understood- the words you used
to describe how I had been dealing with my topic connected with me deeply
and the process bought me out of my head and helped me come back to myself."

Maj Wismann, Couples Therapist & Sexologist


This is for you if:

  • You want to start thriving in the life you have, whilst moving towards the life you want
  • You value personal alignment, integrity and sustainability over hustle and quick fixes
  • You're tired of figuring things out by yourself and want the 1-on-1 support and guidance of a certified master coach to illuminate the way towards lasting, supportive and effective shifts in your perspectives, habits, and skills
  • You're familiar with some of your habits, but you've been struggling to see or create a new path forwards by yourself

You'll leave with:

  • A deeper acceptance and understanding of the way you've approached things up until now

  • A bespoke roadmap for the embodiment of a new personal strategy in your life and work - new ways of thinking, relating and responding to the issues that have previously held you back

The Process

  • Before our session, you’ll fill out an assessment to make sure our time together is focused and productive

  • One 60-90 minute Discovery Session* to pinpoint what you're wrestling with and what you're longing to experience in your work or life instead

  • I'll use what I learn to design a DIY programme that is specifically, meaningfully and practically connected to what's showing up in your life right now

  • We'll meet for another 60-90 minute Ignite Session to:

    • Explore and illuminate the way you currently approach what you're wrestling with (including the deeper beliefs you hold about it, your habitual behaviours and focus of attention), and how this way of being has both helped and hindered you so far

    • Define a possible new way of approaching this area of your work or life (including the deeper beliefs you hold about it, your habitual behaviours and focus of attention) that would, if realised, create the tangible results you want to experience

    • Pinpoint the specific developmental objectives that would support the realisation of your new normal - with some personalised take away practices scaled to meet you where you are and build the inner muscles you'll need to really kickstart your DIY programme



A unique coaching approach that delivers deep, sustainable and practical change:

My approach to coaching follows the theory and principles of Integral Coaching® and includes the whole spectrum of human capacities and intelligence - from cognitive, to emotional, physical and spiritual. Supported by a map of lenses covering the many dimensions of being human (from your worldview, to your personality type, to your inner and outer focus, your natural strengths, capabilities, and more), I'll sit in your shoes to build as full a view as possible of the unique lens through which you see, make sense of, and move through the world. We'll get underneath what’s really driving your approach to the part of your life where you want to see different results, exploring your inner and outer world, personal, cultural and systemic factors to determine what’s most relevant to your current position.

I'll model your current M.O (your 'way of being’) using a powerful metaphor that reflects the fundamental patterns in your perspectives, nature, behaviours and focus of attention that have formed a loop to create and reinforce it. Together we’ll honour how this way has supported you up until now, and start to acknowledge how it might be limiting your ability to get where you want to go next.  

We’ll create a vision worth moving towards that gets right to the core of what success looks like to you in this area, why it matters so much, and defines concrete objectives against which we can measure your progress. We'll also identify a new way of being (with its own powerful metaphor) able to fulfil and sustain your meaningful vision for the next stage of your work and life. Your new way will include and draw on the unique strengths, values, skills and capacities inherent in your current way and identify the new perspectives, focus of attention, skills and capabilities you'll build to embody and sustain this new normal.

I'll design a set of customised exercises designed to stretch you just outside of your comfort zone. You'll be learning to spot your current way kicking in, and finding new ways to work with it, whilst you start to build and flex the muscles of your new way.  Over time you’ll build yourself up and out from right where you are.

The aim of this powerful coaching method is change that is both deep and sustainable; over time you'll learn how to gradually and fully inhabit your new way of being, whilst releasing the hold of your current way. 



£500 ($700)

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Creative, thriving is a coaching programme designed to profoundly change the way you do life. 




I make no promises or representations that you will make a certain amount of money, or any money as a result of this programme. Results will vary according to your abilities, experience, knowledge, capabilities, level of desire, and an infinite number of variables beyond either of our control. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience, each person’s results will vary. The use of my coaching should be based on your own due diligence and agreement that I am not liable for any successes or failures.