A powerful roadmap for lasting personal change to fulfil your vision for the next chapter of your work and life


Who will you be to fulfil your big vision for 2018?

I think we tend to get goals backwards. We focus first on what we think we need to do to get where we want to go, instead of building what we do from a strong foundation of what we already have and where we stand. We make decisions that undermine ourselves now in the hopes that the result we achieve will somehow be able to fill the hole later. And in the process of working against ourselves to get what we want, we become focused on where we're not, and chronically disconnected from where we are. 


Who we are being now is the essential foundation to creating the meaningful, lasting success and healthy creative life we're longing for.

Are you ready to start building how you are, and what you do, upon a stronger foundation of who you really are and what matters most?


You don't need to figure this out by yourself.

Eyes Wide Open is two-sessions of one-on-one support to bring direction and clarity, and kickstart a new way of approaching an area of your work or life that's not been working for you.


How we'll build your powerful roadmap for personal change:


How do you see the world?

You contain multitudes. So to design a roadmap that really meets what’s fundamental to you, right where you are (rather than relating to you through the lens of my own biases, preferences or experiences), I need to get fully attuned to your complexity. Supported by a map of lenses covering the many dimensions of being human (from your worldview, to your personality type, to your inner and outer focus, your natural and developed capabilities, and more), I build as complete a view as possible of the unique lens through which you see, make sense of, and move through the world.

How does that show up for you right now? And how might that be limiting you?

Now that I’m sitting firmly in your shoes, I can get right underneath what’s really driving your approach to what you’re wrestling with. From your inner world to your outer world, from personal to cultural and systemic factors - I explore it all to determine what’s most relevant to your current position.

From here I’ll design a multi-dimensional model of your current ‘way of being’, characterised by a powerful metaphor. Your current way identifies the fundamental patterns in your perspectives, behaviours and focus of attention that form a reinforcing loop. We’ll honour how this has supported you so far, and start to acknowledge the ways it’s now limiting your ability to get where you want to go.

This invaluable big picture model gives me a powerful way to speak your language and stay consistently grounded in what matters. So instead of being pulled into the confusing weeds of individual details, patterns and blocks, we can zoom out and anchor everything in the wider context of what that really means for you.



Who would you need to be to for that to happen?

I’ll design a model of a possible new ‘way of being’ that will fulfil and sustain your meaningful vision for the next stage of your work and life (complete with its own powerful metaphor - think spirit animal!). Designed to harness and expand your natural creativity, values, strengths, skills and capacities, and embrace your complexity. You’ll have clarity on what you’ll need to specifically build in terms of your perspectives, focus of attention and capabilities to embody and sustain your new way.





Where do you really want to go?

You’ll commit to a vision worth moving towards (and worth changing for) for the next stage of your life and work, one that gets right to the core of what you're truly longing for, defines what success looks like to you, and why it matters so much.



How will you get there? And how will you know when you've arrived?

These elements combine to form a powerful agenda for action designed to resonate deeply with every part of you. To be fully seen and understood exactly as we are is a profound thing. By calling forward the biggest, bravest parts of you, and bringing compassion and understanding to the parts that are most scared to be here, we’ll inspire the personal commitment needed for real transformation to happen.

We now have roadmap for change that gives you a clear idea of where you stand in relation to what matters most, and a big picture view of what it would look like to fully realise and sustain that in your life and work. I’ll also identify the key developmental objectives for your DIY programme, and design starter practices for you to take away which are focused on building the specific muscles to fulfil those objectives.


"You helped me put words to something I was unable to articulate for myself. It was such a relief to feel understood- the words you used to describe how I had been dealing with my topic connected with me deeply and the process bought me out of my head and helped me come back to myself."


The Process...

  • Before our session, you’ll fill out an assessment to make sure our time together is focused and productive

  • One 60 minute Discovery Session* to pinpoint what you're wrestling with and what you're longing to experience in your work or life instead

  • I'll use what I learn to design a DIY programme that is specifically, meaningfully and practically connected to what's showing up in your life right now

  • We'll meet for another 60 minute Ignite Session to:

    • Explore and illuminate the way you currently approach what you're wrestling with (including the deeper beliefs you hold about it, your habitual behaviours and focus of attention), and how this way of being has both helped and hindered you so far

    • Define a possible new way of approaching this area of your work or life (including the deeper beliefs you hold about it, your habitual behaviours and focus of attention) that would, if realised, create the tangible results you want to experience

    • Pinpoint the specific developmental objectives that would support the realisation of your new way of being - with some personalised take away practices scaled to meet you where you are and build the inner muscles you'll need to really kickstart your DIY programme





£500 ($675)

Payment plans available

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Disclaimer: There is no promise or representation that you will make a certain amount of money, or any money, or not lose money, as a result of this programme. Your results will vary according to your personal abilities, experience, knowledge, capabilities, level of desire, and an infinite number of variables beyond either of our control. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience, each persons results will vary. The use of my coaching should be based on your own due diligence and you agree that I am not liable for your success or failure.