"The coaching I’ve received has been both subtle and seismic...the effect is priceless."

'Our conversations were always interesting and in-depth and the exercises I was tasked with were easy to follow and helped me shift in increments to my new state. The effect is priceless – I’m now able to write creatively on a regular basis with ease and joy whereas before it felt too damn hard and fraught with worry and expectation. I hope to finish my screenplay this summer and am already writing stories that excite people, as well as injecting that creativity into my daily work to great effect.'


Elizabeth Inniss






"Rebecca blends her well-honed coaching skills with her intuitive senses to create remarkable results."


"Working with Rebecca has been a special and insightful experience. She's helped me see clearly where I hold myself back...without shaming me for having a tendency to get in my own way. She's helped me to see my own character more objectively and compassionately, which has allowed me to more easily let go of the habits which don't support me in the long-run.

Since working with Rebecca I've launched a new business, raised my rates and begun outsourcing the parts of my work and life that I don't have to control. I've found more ease in many areas of my life despite having to face up to some major fears along the way. "


Anna Long-Stokes






"I still love my work, but my emotional focus has completely shifted;  it’s made all the difference to my quality of life."


"You helped me put words to something I was unable to articulate for myself. It was such a relief to feel understood- the words you used to describe how I had been dealing with my topic connected with me deeply and the process bought me out of my head and helped me come back to myself. I had been finding it impossible to allow myself to enjoy what I work so hard for, but I gradually began to develop a deep sense of self-compassion.

The practices were powerful in keeping me focused between sessions and helped me to reflect on my habits and gain a deeper understanding of myself. Six months later I am now truly living my goals and really enjoying the view on a daily basis, rather than looking first for the next mountain to climb. I still love my work, but my emotional focus has completely shifted and it’s made all the difference to my quality of life. It's improved my relationships with my husband and my boys and I’m able to take more time off to enjoy myself and all that I've achieved."


Maj Wismann




"Removing the time I spent feeling worried and overthinking decisions has been the first step for me to create the business I want."

“After three years in business, the idea of working with a coach was a little daunting- my experience of business coaches in my previous career was not particularly positive so I was certainly apprehensive.

Working with Rebecca is 100% tailored to you and your business. In fact it didn’t really feel like business in it’s usual sense and I suppose that’s the key really. You don’t need to wear a power suit to be successful, but you do need to be brave and believe in yourself which is something I had struggled with: worrying too much, waiting until something is perfect – which it never is if you’re a perfectionist.

Working with Rebecca has given me the support and tools to grow; to believe my business can be whatever I want it to be. I now feel more comfortable and confident taking my ideas forward. Removing the time I spent feeling worried and overthinking decisions has been the first step for me to create the business I want.”


Emily Baker

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