Some challenges can't be googled, fixed, or figured out fast.


Maybe you've realised that the work you're known for no longer reflects your values, but you don't yet know what that means or what's next. Or you're continually hitting up against your old creative blocks. Or you're stuck in a cycle of burn out trying to reach your goals.

These are the types of personal conundrums that are fundamentally about how we make sense of things - whether it's how we relate to ourselves, our work, others, or the world. And the thing with relationships is - they can't be fixed or solved.

But they can be curiously navigated . Over time, we can gradually expand the ways we see ourselves and the world around us to more accurately reflect what's real and true. 

When you're more able to sit in the discomfort of not having all the answers, a few things start to happen:

  • You begin to see yourself more honestly and clearly
  • You uncover possibilities you couldn't see before
  • You discover new ways to get what you need whilst sticking to your values
  • You come into a more truthful relationship with what you can and can't control
  • You're more able to consistently make decisions, take action and respond to challenges in a way that's aligned with what matters to you, whatever the outcome.

 And as you build new capabilities and increase your access to inner resources and self-knowledge, you begin to waste less energy working against yourself and bring more to the projects, people, and things that matter most.

Oh hello, creative dynamite.

If you've tried DIY-ing it and keep finding yourself back where you started, or you're sinking more of your energy and resources into keeping things just as they are rather than moving forwards, it might just be time to try something new.


The COACHING Programmes


Eyes Wide Open

2 coaching sessions

in 1 month



Starts at 8 coaching sessions

over 4 months


The Methodology

Rebecca spent over two years training with Integral Coaching Canada to certify as an Integral Master Coach™. The ICC method weaves together key insights from all the major human disciplines including biology, cognitive science, developmental psychology, philosophy and spirituality to create a solid framework for deep transformation. 

Integral Coaching develops a coach's ability to see and hold a client’s perspectives, apply tools and lenses that allow you to understand a person in all of their complexity, and to work honestly with your own biases and habits as coach. The result for clients is deep, lasting and practical change in the places that matter most.